Defining Social Value Through an IT Lens

Defining value is a difficult task within the nonprofit sector because of the double bottom line with which organizations must contend. Nonprofits must concern themselves with both financial performance and mission-related social value. As a result of the varied missions throughout the sector, the desired outcomes of nonprofits do not readily lend themselves to a standard definition of value.

Technological Innovation and Networks in the Nonprofit Sector

A growing interdependency exists between government, networks and the private sector facilitated by information and communication technologies and a networked mode of organization that encourages cross-organization and cross-organizational interdependencies. “Networks allow innovative government officials to discharge government’s important role in solving social problems, by supporting – not supplanting – functioning elements in civil society.”1

The Tech-Savvy Nonprofit

What qualifies as a tech-savvy nonprofit? How do you know that your organization is utilizing technology at a proficient manner? Why should you even want to attain a state of tech-savvyness? These constantly evolving questions, but there is some fantastic research available on the corporate side that we can adapt to the nonprofit sector.

Blogging the Economic Crisis: Why We Need A Department of Nonprofits

As we head for a changing of the guard in Washington DC, the Obama government will take over a country facing its toughest economic challenge since the Great Depression. Nonprofit staff and boards are worried as an impending financing challenge awaits the nonprofit sector in the coming year as donations, foundation grants and state funding are cut. Despite this perilous situation and despite having a huge role in the economy, the nonprofit sector is largely missing from the public discourse on the economic crisis.