Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic and Operational Planning

We provide a wide range of strategic and operational consulting services.  

Strategic Consulting 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Scaling Programs
  • Mergers and Program Devolution
  • Board Development

Operational Consulting

  • Business Planning
  • Operation Optimization

Technology Consulting

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Defining Social Value Through an IT Lens

Defining value is a difficult task within the nonprofit sector because of the double bottom line with which organizations must contend. Nonprofits must concern themselves with both financial performance and mission-related social value. As a result of the varied missions throughout the sector, the desired outcomes of nonprofits do not readily lend themselves to a standard definition of value.

Technological Innovation and Networks in the Nonprofit Sector

A growing interdependency exists between government, networks and the private sector facilitated by information and communication technologies and a networked mode of organization that encourages cross-organization and cross-organizational interdependencies. “Networks allow innovative government officials to discharge government’s important role in solving social problems, by supporting – not supplanting – functioning elements in civil society.”1