Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management

You've got your strategic and operating plans, but how do you drive results with your staff?

Civic Direct works with your executive team on a specific methodology to drive results so that individual staff see their connection to the overall strategic plan and know for what they are accountable. We offering the following services:

Performance Management Process

Develop overarching goals, specific objectives and activities in an organization-wide annual operating plan. Set measures of success called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Example: Goal: Expand and diversify base of supporters and donors. Objective: Add social media fundraising to increase number of new donors by 10% this year. KPI: Percentage increase of new donors.

Develop departmental plans and establish cross-functional project teams to deliver on organizational priorities.

Departments align their activities to the Organizational plan making resources decisions about what they will and will NOT do. In some cases, the objective is not owned by a department, but by a cross-functional project team.

Set individual performance goals that directly relate to the department plan and the organization's operating plan so that each employee's efforts are aligned to deliver on the organizational plan.

Performance Management is a Next Wave Consulting Practice for High-Performing Organizations