Technology Services

Technology Services

CIO Services

We provide an outsourced strategic technology management capacity for your organization including: developing innovative solutions, vendor management, project management, and senior staff briefings.

Strategic Technology Plans

Civic Direct can assist your organization to create comprehensive strategies for technology investment rooted in today’s new technological realities. 

Website Development

Civic Direct works with your organization to build highly interactive websites. We know how to deliver on an online engagement strategy that builds community within your constituency and that facilitates viral affects for increasing the number of advocates and donors to your cause. 

Could Computing

Save costs on IT by moving your infrastructure to the cloud, minimizing your need to manage basic IT infrastructure. We migrate and help your organization manage Microsoft Office 365 or Google Enterprise.

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So You've Finished Your CRM Implementation. Now the Work Begins...

Congratulations on completing your CRM implementation!  For all the work you've done to date, I have some perhaps sobering news: The work is just beginning.  Such a statement may seem a bit daunting given all the work that you and your organization have done to date.  You had to sift through the myriad of options and balance the interests of different stakeholders to select a new system.  You implemented the new system migrating the constituent data, trained your staff on how to use the new system, and sent your first communications from the system.

Technology Adoption Within the Organization

I wrote my business school thesis on nonprofit technology adoption.  My research compared the aggregate adoption of nonprofits between metro areas to identify the critical factors to adopting technology.  The research led me to raise a red flag with the Boston nonprofit community to let folks know that we were actually significantly behind in our technology adoption.

Nonprofit CRM Profiles - Salsa

If you have worked with a progressive activist organization over the last ten years, you have likely touched Salsa in some way.  Salsa is a story like so many other tech firms before in which underinvestment diminishes the product over a period of time.  I do not have the full story about the company dynamics, so I will not speculate as to the reasons why the product has been allowed to languish, but languish it has.