Reflection on Dr. Peter Weill's Class - IT Decision-Making

In the spring of 2007, I took a fantastic class at MIT Sloan with Professor Peter Weill entitled "Generating Business Value from IT". Weill primarily focuses his class on Fortune 1000 companies, but I believe there are important lessons for the nonprofit sector. I attempted to tease out these nuggets of wisdom from his lectures and class discussions through a series of blogs this Spring.

Your web and software infrastructure for less than $200 a year

Some funders and IT consultants claim that there is still a significant organizational gap when it comes to basic IT infrastructure. Such a story was true in the late nineties and into this decade, but it is a declining issue as a result of the amount of cheap or freely available software for nonprofits.

Reflections on the 2007 Boston Nonprofit Technology Conference

Boston certainly has a vibrant nonprofit technology community. The Boston Nonprofit Technology Conference, put on by the good folks at TechFoundation, was made up mostly of the nonprofit technology folks from the area. While it was a little disappointing not to see more nonprofit decision makers (executive directors, program managers, board members, etc.), the conference provided a great opportunity to network and learn from leaders in the field.