Cloud Savings

Cloud Savings

Moving to the cloud can significantly reduce IT expenses. Below we approximate the savings between the typical IT infrastructure and a cloud model based on 8 person organization.


Old Model

Cloud IT

Email and Calendaring Exchange - $1235 + $1199 for server software Google Enterprise - $0
Intranet/Project Management Site Sharepoint - $4360 Google Sites - $0
Server Hardware ~$2,500 None: 0
Setup ~$2,500 MCS - $1,000
Maintenance and Support ~$3,000 annually ~$1,000 annually
Word Processing and Spreadsheets MS Office - $2792 Google Apps - $0
TOTAL $17,586 $2,000

Approximate savings for 8 person organization $15,500. Even if you were able to buy all your licenses through techsoup (not always possible), cost savings would still be approximately $6,000.

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