Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft Drives Skype into the Ground with Teams: Convince Me That's a Good Thing.

Over the last few years, I have been impressed with the rapid innovation and reliability of the Office 365 platform. As the CTO of the National Aquarium, I made sure we were one of the first nonprofits on the platform. We were such early adopters, they didn't release nonprofit plans until a year after we were on the platform. As an early adopter, I lived through some of the early pains of the hybrid Exchange and directory sync functionality. Even with the bumps along the road, I became an advocate of Microsoft, words that even now seem a little odd for me to say given my history as an open

Office 365 vs. Google Enterprise for Nonprofits: Part 2 - Comparisons

In my first blog in the series, I noted how after years of little movement, Microsoft finally got its stuff together on moving software and services to the cloud.  They are moving quickly to innovate the modern work environment.  I also noted that in the last decade, the novelty of gmail and google docs waned and that Google offers seemingly little innovation to its Google Enterprise suite.  This post compares features of both packages at a high level.  

Office 365 vs. Google Enterprise for Nonprofits: Part 1 - Overall Context

For the last decade, many nonprofits migrated off their local email servers to Google apps for nonprofits.  These were the early cloud migrations. Google was making it easy with 50 free cloud-based accounts allowing branded, professional email without having the expense of managing an Exchange or other email server, the backups and other issues.  The stripped down word processor Google Docs allowed for real-time co-editing, though its features were limited.