About Us

About Us

We believe that it takes more than a single organization or individual to make a change, that change happens best in networks.  We host a platform that encourages advocates, organizations, and networks to work together on driving change through building effective campaigns that contain civic actions that can make big change in the world.  Our platform that not only hosts the functionality to make change (petitions, constituent engagement tools, etc.) but also combines those tools with a growing community of active citizens who can engage across movements and organizations in network with each other to make change. 

Our Mission  

Civic Direct's mission is to develop civic entrepreneurs who build networks that drive innovative social change.

What are Civic Actions?

Civic Actions include the wide range of participation in making change, from voting to volunteering, from blogging to podcasting, from investing money to donating time.   Civic Direct provides the platform to help you engage in civic action while networking with others to drive social change. 

Civic Action Center Platform - Build Action Networks

  • Subscribe to ever growing networks in which most of the key content and civic actions from around the web is aggregated in one spot.  For example, when one environmental group sends out an action alert to its members, all those concerned with the environment are able to respond.
  • Build more impactful and sustained campaigns within networks that leverage interconnectedness.
  • Connect you to the latest civic actions, civic jobs and civic grants to help you deliver on your passion for social change.
  • Connect individuals and organizations to the issues and causes in which they care about most.

How we think about our consulting services....

We also offer an array of technology consulting services to nonprofit organizations and activist organizations, affinity groups, and our public servants. These services are geared towards more effectively and efficiently:

  • Engaging constituents in meaningful ways across campaign and organization
  • Sifting through overwhelming amounts of data in order to make wise public policy decisions
  • Utilizing civic action tools and social media to build public support for an issue or candidate.


Our Consulting Services

Strategic and Technology Services

Strategic and Operational Planning - Whether a comprehensive strategic plan or an operational plan to take your program to scale, we offer a full range of management consulting services.

Technology Services - We provide an array of strategic technology solutions including: developing innovative solutions, project management, and technology planning and management.

Next Wave Consulting
for High-Performing Organizations

Mission Intelligence and Analytics - We use the latest Business Intelligence tools to help your organization build data visualizations, maps, and dashboards so that you can make better decisions.

Performance Management - Your employees should see a direct line from their personal performance objectives to the organization's strategic plan. We can help you get institutional alignment to deliver on your mission.

Digital Enablement and Network Development

Constituent Engagement Services - We maximize your CRM investment through strategy, systems, analytics and processes that build active communities of supporters for your cause.

Social Network Analysis and Development - We increasingly operate in a world where no one organization or individual can make the difference. Learn how to analyze and develop your network.